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Grated Limes in Oils on Canvas Board

Since discovering that a conservatory is a terrible place to paint still life if you want consistent light, I painted this over a few dark autumn evenings. This has forced me to setup some suitable lighting. As most house bulbs are warm white (2700k - 4000k) they're...

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Sky full of Horses in oils on canvas board

For this painting I used my wife's ( photo from her 'Sky full of Horses' series. I tried out the Michael Harding oil paints that arrived last week and I have to say, they're a joy to use. Not a million miles away from the Jackson's own ones...

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Broadway Tower in Oils with a Palette Knife

For this painting I used a photo my wife took at Broadway Tower as reference. Painting with a palette knife is hard! I need to get a proper easel for next time as you need to be able to get the knife completely flat at any angle. Still, I think it's worth persevering...

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Ben in Watercolour

I haven't used watercolours since I was about 13 and got a set for my birthday. I used that very same set for this painting of my good friend Ben. As a medium it's very unpredictable and unforgiving compared to oils. However this leads to that distinctive loose,...

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@math.lande in Oils on 5″ x 7″ Canvas

Another in my 5"x7" alla prima series. This request came from @math.lande on Instagram. I'm learning a lot from working this small.  Just 2 of these little canvases left to fill.

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“Coffee” Still Life – Oils on Canvas

I wanted a still life with better lighting so have been building a stage based on the Mark Carder's 'shadow box'. I'll post a bit more on how I made this at some point. This was the resulting still life. I painted this in the day...

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Jam and Vegetables Still Life Colour Study

I've been watching a lot of Mark Carder oil painting videos recently. This still life was mainly an exercise in matching colours as accurately as I could. I paid little attention to detail and accuracy, and didn't blend at all, so the painting isn't very good. It...

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Jasper in Oils Revisited – Experiments in glazing

My cat Jasper was the subject of my first oil painting. I left it pretty rough (and unsigned!) with the intention of coming back to it. I wanted to try 2 techniques out: Glazing Or applying a thin layer of transparent paint to change the value and/or colour of the...

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