A drawing makes a unique and timeless gift… I’ve been drawing and sketching for as long as I can remember.  I enjoyed drawing animals and cartoons as a kid which led to a career in graphic design.  A few years ago I decided to pick up a pencil and start drawing again, practicing new techniques.


Carrie Fisher in Charcoal on Toned Paper

After watching the excellent Rogue One this Christmas, I ended up watching all the other Star Wars films in order (even including the ones with Jar Jar Binks!). I'm now much more of a fan than I've ever been. I wasn't going to jump on the bandwagon and draw Carrie...

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Another Anniversary Portrait Commission in Graphite

I was recently commissioned again for an anniversary portrait. The reference photo was great with a soft, blurry bokeh surrounding the couple. I wanted to try and recreate this using similar techniques that I use with charcoal, so I bought some graphite powder....

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Emily Blunt in Charcoal on toned grey paper

Like many, I'm looking forward to seeing The Girl on the Train. The trailer has some great shots so I decided Emily Blunt was the ideal subject for the first page of my new sketchbook - toned grey paper by Strathmore. The paper has a recycled 'rag' type feel to it,...

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First Anniversary Portrait Commission

I was asked to draw this as a first wedding anniversary gift. It's completed in graphite on A4 Bristol board. Click here for more information on my portrait commissions....

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Olivia Wilde in Graphite

I sketched Olivia Wilde on Bristol Board. It's good to do some sketching again after lots of painting. Here's the drawing process from start to finish: https://instagram.com/p/BJKbIuWjHuE/

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@acru03’s Cat in Graphite

@acru03 asked me to draw a cat and being a cat lover I obliged! This is my first drawing for a while and I really enjoyed it. https://instagram.com/p/BIPwi_iDIyl/

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Jac Ma and Jess in Graphite

This was a birthday present for a good friend of mine. There's something special you get from drawing friends that you don't get from drawing celebrities or strangers.

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