I took the reference photo for this painting during a family walk in the woods around Christmas on a cold, misty, yet sunny day. The light was unbelievable with the mist acting as a huge diffuser for the sun. I ended up with a few photos that I want to paint, this being the first.

The painting itself had been a bit of a struggle. I blocked it in with paint that was overly thinned with mineral spirits which, on reflection, was a mistake.  It was a bit soupy and loose which I found difficult to create any texture or interesting edges, ending up laying down too much paint. For another painting I’ve been working on recently, I scumbled an underpainting on with paint straight from the tube, which led to much better results and a much easier process. You can create texture and varied edges this way with very little paint, avoiding a thick build up which can make the later stages difficult.

I painted in all the details but just wasn’t happy with the lack of atmosphere. I scumbled over most of the dry painting to create a soft, misty texture, then repainted the details carefully on top, choosing what to paint and what to omit.

I was much happier in the end, but the painting is lacking a bit of spontaneity. Hopefully for the next one I can work a bit quicker and wet in wet.