Methods & Materials

I love to experiment with different pencils, paints, mediums and surfaces.  As an artist you never stop learning, and there are so many different brands and sources of inspiration.  I hope you find my discoveries interesting and useful.

Varnishing an oil painting for the first time

Varnishing is yet another aspect of painting that is rife with differing opinions and practices. Some people wait over a year before varnishing, others 3 months, some 1 month. Some don't think varnishing is necessary at all with modern oil paints. When I painted a...

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Jasper in Oils 2 – A Gessobord Experiment

I've had a postcard size (7" x 5") Gessobord panel knocking about since I bought it a couple of months ago. Having read a lot about this support I wanted to give it a go, mainly to see how it is compared to my home made panels. The...

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How to improve a Cheap Canvas For Oil Painting

When first getting into painting, most people buy a lot of cheap materials. I know I did and I'm still trying to use as much of it up as possible. You can even buy canvases and canvas boards in the pound shop these days and I ended up with loads of them. I'm down to...

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How to make a glass artist’s palette

So I made a pallete from shelf glass - much better than the throwaway paper ones I was using. Shelf glass is very strong and has rounded edges so is ideal. I also like the shape of this one, although it's not particularly big! I painted the background with mid-value...

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Jasper in Oils Revisited – Experiments in glazing

My cat Jasper was the subject of my first oil painting. I left it pretty rough (and unsigned!) with the intention of coming back to it. I wanted to try 2 techniques out: Glazing Or applying a thin layer of transparent paint to change the value and/or colour of the...

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